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  • We can nurture our children for
    a more compassionate world.

    Families struggle every day with
    parenting and lack of support. Find
    connection, relationships, and basic
    principles that can make a difference
    in your home and the world.


Are you tired of parenting-while-depleted?

Do you feel ready to leave the scattered, tweet-by-tweet parenting tips to the birds?

You may be looking for Nurturings - a different kind of parenting resource.

We're working to reverse the negative consequences of parenting-while-depleted and spark flourishing instead.

Nurturings is focused on helping you parent through powerful, but underappreciated health benefits of social and emotional replenishment. Starting with that simple feature, your knowledge is nourished in unexpected ways and you'll find yourself encouraged with effective skills that fit your family's needs.

With you as your family expert, we surround you with uplifting, strength's-based groups, infused with broad research about healthy parenting. You get replenished and your internal parenting compass gets updated with effective skills you choose because they fit your needs.

You don't have to guess, worry you're doing it wrong, sort through thousands of reviews and tips to figure out - or do - hard parenting things by yourself. 

Working together, we aim to spark flourishing for you, your children, your family and your community. 


News and Announcements

Parenting During Times of Stress: What to Watch for with Your Children and How to Help

Whether it’s a natural disaster, individual family trauma, or as now a pandemic, families can struggle when daily life is thrown upside down due to these events, and the stress evades our every action and all our thoughts. Let’s break this down by ages of what to watch for and how to start helping offset what is happening in the world.

AP Support Groups

Click the locator pins on the map below to find parent groups and contact leaders, or use the list of groups here.

Note: The location markers are approximate - please contact the Group Leader for the meeting locations and details.

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