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API is changing its membership structure to reflect our mission to truly serve and support all parents, to streamline the technology and business processes and maximize limited resources. These FAQ are intended to serve as a guide to questions you might have about these membership changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I volunteer my time to help API?

In addition to our ongoing need for new API leaders, API is also always looking for volunteers to help in a variety of ways. View the available volunteer opportunities.

How can I help support API financially?

Make a donation. A $35 donation allows you to become an AP Advocate and in addition to the benefits of an API membership, you'll feel satisfied to know that you've been instrumental in supporting API's mission. And don't forget that donating items to the AP Month auction and bidding for items in the auction other easy, excellent and rewarding ways to support API financially and encourage others to join in as well.

Doesn't API need funds to operate?

Yes we do and we strongly encourage and welcome our members, friends and supporters in making annual pledges and donations toward API's continued operation. Please make a donation here to help support API financially. In addition to the benefits of free membership, you'll feel satisfied to know that you've been instrumental in supporting API's mission.

How much does API membership cost?

It's free! Click here to join, and don't forget that your free API membership associates you with a local API Support Group too.

What are the API membership benefits?

API Members benefit from the local and international support and connection that comes with the API community. Members can expect to receive regular newsletters and The Attached Family electronic magazine. Families are free to print their magazine, or email it, sharing it with family, pediatricians, community centers, shelters, and friends. Back issues of the magazine and journal will be available too. A print-on-demand option for those who desire a bound magazine will be available separately.

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