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Conference Session Topics and Descriptions

Attached at the Heart: 8 Proven Parenting Principles for Raising Connected and Compassionate Children

The title of a new book written by Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker, cofounders of Attachment Parenting in which they discuss what they believe to be the core principles of parenting for developing a secure parent/child attachment relationship. For years, parents have asked for research to support attachment parenting practices that many believed was the way nature intended. Rooted in sound science and common sense, this book provides a blueprint for change. Barbara and Lysa will share an overview of the book and the journey that it inspired it.

Attachment Parenting in a Detached World

Our nation faces serious challenges such as child abuse, anti-social behavior and juvenile crime. In many cases, these problems can be traced to a traumatic childhood and failure of parenting. This presentation explores how a more nurturing parenting method can contribute to healthier, happier children, stronger families and a safer society.

Safe Sleep: How Sleep Locations Affect Breastfeeding

The duration of breastfeeding depends on many factors including where an infant sleeps,his ability to arouse and his sleep cycles. We examine nocturnal factors that contribute to successful breastfeeding and their impact; the nature of infant sleep-wake cycles, arousal mechanisms and pathology within the context of sleep locations whether cosleeping, separate sleeping or sleeping through the night.

The Attachment Parenting Revolution: Foundations for Our Future

Fifteen years ago Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker started Attachment Parenting International (API), a grassroots organization, to challenge and change the way children were being raised in many cultures. Nicholson and Parker will discuss this revolutionary parenting movement called "attachment parenting" that is growing in many parts of the world. This presentation will cover the role that attachment theory plays in the prevention of many societal ills and the core principles of parenting that are so vital to our future.

The Chemistry of Love: Breastfeeding, Attachment & Oxytocin

Breastfeeding stimulates powerful hormonal processes that significantly contribute to the attachment relationship. Learn how the art of mothering is strongly influenced by the most profound hormone in the human body.

The Key to Prevention: Protecting the Parent/Child Connection

Our nation faces serious challenges with our children and their parents with rising rates of depression, anxiety, aggression, abuse and other serious emotional and behavioral problems. Mental health experts agree that this crisis is largely due to their lack of deep connectedness within their family and community.

The Power of Touch

This session explores the sense of touch and how it has the power to calm and reconnect human beings. Touch helps the body release a hormone called oxytocin that can lower stress, improve learning, and increase growth and social interaction. Participants will learn simple massage strategies that can be used with their children. Participants will 1) compare outcomes of research for high-touch versus low-touch cultures 2) name three benefits of massage for children; and 3) demonstrate two massage techniques.

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