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Honors, Tributes, and Memorial Gifts

Honors, Tributes, and Memorial Gifts

The perfect gift for the person who has everything. A singularly unique opportunity to pay-it-forward. A genuinely infinite gift. These tributes not only honor the recipient, but are the catalysts that propel and perpetuate the legacy of love into future generations. This gift truly keeps on giving.

Dedications are listed in the order they are received, with the newest at the top. To find a particular dedication, enter part of the Donor's name, and choose apply:

API is based in Tennessee and is registered to receive donations in Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Iowa, Indiana, and Texas.

What People Say About API

They are the real deal

Let me just put it out there like it is: in this age of taxes and required subsidizing it is difficult to give money. However, AP is our life. I can think of no better organization to happily and joyfully give my money to than API. They are the real deal, no fake people or shady motives.