Bottle Feeding

Bottle Nursing, Bottle Weaning, and More

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Bottle Nursing

  • Feeding is one of the primary ways a mother can initiate a secure attachment relationship with her baby.
  • Familiarize yourself with breastfeeding behaviors, and model them when bottle feeding:
    • Hold the baby when bottle feeding, positioning the bottle alongside the breast
    • Maintain eye contact, talk softly and lovingly
    • Switch positions from one side to another
    • Feed on cue and avoid schedules
    • Consider reserving feeding for the mother only
    • Pacifiers satisfy a baby's sucking need. Hold the baby or child in the feeding position when he uses the pacifier
    • Associate the bottle and pacifier with being held and having undivided attention, so that it doesn't become a transitional object
    • Wean from the bottle as one would wean from the breast

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