Life With Baby: Balance

Tips for New Mothers, Avoiding Parent Burn Out, and More

This Principle is not complete without reading API's Eight Principles of Parenting Introduction -- important information for understanding the context API's Principles of Parenting.

Striving for Balance involves ensuring that everyone's needs -- not just the child's -- are recognized, validated, and met to the greatest extent possible. In an ideal world, every family member's needs are met all the time, everyone is happy and healthy, and the family is perfectly in balance. In the real world, nobody's family life is perfectly balanced all the time. It is not unusual for parents to feel out of balance at times. Parents who practice AP continuously look for creative ways to find balance in their personal and family life. For more information, read the API resources listed below.

Tips for Supporting New Mothers

A new mother can become so involved in the care of her infant that she doesn't recognize her own needs until she is in emotional or physical trouble.

  • Be patient and sensitive
  • Say something appreciative about each other every day
  • Be grateful
  • Be an empathetic listener

For more information on balancing life with a baby, read the following API resources

The Attached Family

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