Kids and Sleep

Nighttime Routines, Cosleeping Transitions, and More

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Nighttime parenting doesn't end when a child sleeps through the night for the first time. Some children continue to cosleep well into their elementary years while others move on to their own room. When thinking about changing the nighttime routine as your child grows, follow her cues.

Nighttime Routines

  • Keep in mind that sleep routines change as the child grows and matures. Keep your sense of humor and remain flexible
  • Help your child learn to trust her body when she is tired by recognizing the signs of tiredness, and not forcing her to sleep when she is not tired, or keeping her awake when she is tired, just for the sake of a routine
  • When the time comes for a child to transition to her own bed, make sure that the transition is gentle and that parents respond to any feelings of fear or upset experienced by the child
  • Young children who have their own bed often go to sleep more willingly when parents lie down with them in their bed until they are very drowsy or until they go to sleep. Children outgrow this need when they are developmentally ready and will happily go to sleep on their own
  • Older children may still enjoy a brief snuggle time with parents before bed

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